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Story 9

This is the self-narrated story of Region 6 Métis Elder Angie Crerar who relays a seldom heard story of how she and her siblings spent time in a northern residential school. Angie begins her story by sharing images of her grandfather who ran a Hudson Bay fur trading factory as a “factor” or agent of the Hudson Bay Company in Fort Chipewyan for 50 years. She shares how her father taught her and her siblings to be proud of who they were as Métis people - a new nation of people. She asserts that the love and pride her father shared with her allowed her to survive the horrors of ten years in a residential school. The video finishes with laughter and joy, some of the many attributes that Angie is famous for in our community.

We invite you to watch the following digital story twice; once for first reactions and again to gain insight.


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