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Story 8
I'm a Survivor

This is the self-narrated story of long-time resident and Fishing Lake Elder Rose Durocher as read and directed by Rose, and facilitated by a youth participant Skye Durocher. Rose begins the story by telling us how times were tough in the old days and how Métis people had to work hard to make a living off the land. Rose tells us that her father taught her, “his only daughter,” about trapping – strongly suggesting the idea that women shared equal standing with men. She is also frank in admitting that when the daily trip over the frozen lake in sub-zero temperatures made going to school difficult, we “just stayed home.”

Speaking in Cree/Michif at the end of the story, Rose is videotaped sharing her cultural knowledge as she gives us a quick glimpse into how to make tea and dried fish over an open fire. While we are captivated by her simple and direct way of telling a story, it is her wisdom that is most apparent when she finishes the story with:  “Seems to me things are harder today.” This simple story is one of traditional wisdom and a compelling launch point for further discussion between generations as she selflessly considers the challenges of contemporary life.

We invite you to watch the following digital story twice; once for first reactions and again to gain insight.


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