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Story 1
Learning who I am:
From the bush to the tower

      This digital story was created in 2010 by Yvonne Poitras Pratt. This story represents her initial steps into a journey of self-discovery through post-secondary education. In finding out truths about her Métis identity later in life, Yvonne’s digital story is representative of many Métis who have been kept from the full truth of their ancestral lines and Métis identity by those who wished to protect them from societal racism - most often, their own families. Similarly, this story reveals many historical truths from her family lineage and the ways in which a return to school (as a mature student) afforded Yvonne the ability to “give back” to her ancestral home community of Fishing Lake through research activities and helping a younger generation of Métis to “be proud of who they are.”

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We invite you to watch the following digital story twice; once for first reactions and again to gain insight.


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